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Blue Surface

About JML

JILL MURPHY LONG writes, directs and produces films based on the ethics of Justice, Mercy and Love.  

Her nine completed, feature film screenplays and more than forty short films, spotlight current-day environmental and societal injustices.


Due to Jill’s creative vision and authentic voice including her extensive research, her narrative films awaken awareness and inspire action.


Her films deliver engaging and heartfelt entertainment every time.


Since Jill is also an avid skier, mountain biker and explorer of our world, she is determined to protect and preserve our planet - and does so through her stories in her films. 

With JML FILMS established in 2015, JML ADVOCATES in 2016 and JML TV in 2021, Jill and her casts and crews continue to create award-winning films that have been recognized at national and international film festivals.

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Jill Murphy Long

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