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A Long Journey Home...

(Photo 1974) The Murphy Family: Christine [deceased 1984 cardiac] Bill deceased 2004 cardiac] Jill [brain tumor 2012] Mike [brain tumor, basal cell carcinoma, thyroid cancer 2005 - 2012] and Amy.

In 2003, I was home on book tour for my second book, celebrating at lunch with classmates from my brother’s class.

As we finished, they went around and around the table, telling me who had died from our high school and neighborhoods. I sat in shock.

The list was too long. They were too young to be gone already, and I knew too many of them.

In 1979, my family and I lived in York, Pennsylvania - only 12 miles due south of Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant.

Too close to 1 of 9 nuclear reactors in my home state of Pennsylvania and with 5 nuclear reactors on the Susquehanna River, the drinking water to 6 million.

On that fateful day Wednesday, March 28, 1979 when Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant's Unit-2 melted down, Mike and I had track practice after school.

Afterwards, we delivered The York Dispatch, the evening newspaper to 88 homes – just like we had done for the last five years. Little did we know, we were under a radioactive plume.

In 2005, my brother Mike, who’s just 13 months younger, called me from Florida with his diagnosis of a brain tumor.

In the span of seven years, he would be also diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma (skin cancer) and then thyroid cancer in 2012. In that same year, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

What was so surprising is that we were five-sport athletes, we ate clean (had an organic garden before it certified and labeled as such) and did not take any prescription drugs at all – ever.

After my successful brain surgery in 2013, I set out to find out what really happened in 1979.

My research has introduced me to activists, who have been fighting nuclear since its inception and I applaud them.

Many survivors and families of the victims of the 1979 meltdown at Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant have written to me, tag me on social media, and have called over the past decade with their diagnoses and also shared what has happened in their neighborhoods.

I applaud them too for standing up and speaking out to right a wrong.

And now with cancer being diagnosed in their children and grandchildren, we cannot continue to support nuclear power as safe, clean, or green.

On September 20, 2022, I protested outside the EPA headquarters in Washington D.C. for not doing their job to protect us.

I also met with environmental lawyers and Senators and their staff to request their help in enacting new laws, health surveys, and legal action.

I appreciate your on-going support of my efforts to have the truth about this dark power heard.

I appreciate all of you who signed my petition to STOP NUCLEAR POWER! GO GREEN! However, all of your kind donations were directed to the website that hosted my petition: and no money was given to our cause.

If you can support my on-going efforts, please donate via Venmo. There are no fees to send and receive. Look for my photo. The last 4 digits of my phone number are: 1428

You will need this info to send any amount the first time.

Jill Murphy Long


Or email me at: for my mailing address - if you prefer to send a check. Every bit does help.

If you can volunteer your time, call me to discuss: 970 846 1428

It has been a long journey…

Thank you!

Please share this and my other posts. I will continue to share what I learn. Together, we can make change happen. Besides, there are more of us than them.

Let your voice be heard. Stand up, speak out - or tell me what happened to you and your loved ones here: TMI Health Study

Take care,

Jill Murphy Long



970 846 1428


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Three Mile Island Health Effects 1979 to Current-Day:

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